I cover Leicester a lot in my work for television and I have to say that I am looking forward to bumping into Brendan Rodgers.

I am reluctant to go over all of this much more because I think Neil Lennon deserves the chance to get on and get to work without it always hanging over him, but Brendan let a lot of people down.

And I feel that I am one of them.

He sucked me in. He sucked a lot of people in. He made a fool of me.

Here I am telling every man and his dog that Brendan is loving his life in Glasgow, that he is loving Celtic and he wants to stay for ten. I know Brendan. I got to know him years ago at Swansea, so it’s not just a new relationship for me.

But he had the wool over my eyes.

So I am looking forward to bumping into him at Leicester.

I won’t say publicly what I plan on saying to him but you can be sure that I will get my point across.

And I totally get why the Celtic fans are so angry.

They have every right to be. Yes, he was a brilliant manager for the club. He had the team playing some fabulous football and there are some memories to be cherished from his 32-month reign at the club.

But he has sullied it. The way he left out a side door is nothing short of a disgrace and short-changes everyone who was right behind him.

If I were in his shoes in a quiet moment of self-reflection I would be looking in the mirror and thinking to myself ‘was I fair?’. ‘Was that the right way to act.’ I would know deep down that I was at it but the thing with Brendan is that he has a huge stubborn streak so he’ll probably tell himself he done nothing wrong.

But he did. He jumped ship at a point in the season when he was needed to go and get the Treble Treble.

If Leicester wanted him so badly there is no way they would have been prepared to wait. He held all the aces. All he had to say was let me get to May and I’m yours. May. It’s nothing. A matter of weeks.

That’s what the anger is about. Not the fact that he left but when he did it and how he did it. It felt sneaky and people won’t forget that.