I was interested to hear Neil Lennon speak of having big shoes to fill in the wake of Brendan Rodgers’ departure.

I have said all along that I think he is the man for the job on a permanent basis and I still hold on to that. I think the way that he celebrated with the Celtic support on Sunday after that last gasp winner at Dens Park would tell you everything you need to know about how hard he will work to keep the success coming at the club.

But in terms of feeling an extra layer of pressure because of that fact that he stepped into the shoes of a guy who delivered seven successive trophies, I think Neil has to take a step back a little bit.

Sometimes you need to give yourself a bit of a break, too.

Who else could have gone in and picked up the pieces the week that Brendan left and the circumstances with which he left, the way that Neil done it?

He should feel honoured and trusted because the board went straight for one man. They identified him immediately as the man who could come in and clear up and get the team over the hump that week in terms of two very difficult games – and at grounds they hadn’t won at all season.

There is still lingering resentment at the way that Rodgers left the club but I just think that Neil should take a lot of heart from the way he has gone in and steadied the ship. He has opened up a ten point gap at the top of the table which is not to be sniffed at it and there is a Scottish Cup semi-final place waiting.

If I were in his shoes I’d be bigging myself up as the man the board felt they could trust to see this season out.

I think he might have raise his own game and raise his own standard purely because the expectation levels now after such an unblemished few years but he is more than capable of doing that.

I have heard one or two people voice a belief that they would prefer the club to go elsewhere but I think that is unfair. For me it would be Lennon’s job every day of the week and I will be interested to see just how that plays out.

He has been ridiculously successful as a manager at Celtic, especially in Europe. Let’s not forget that it was Lennon who got a win over Barcelona at Celtic Park. He knows this club inside and out and he is a very astute and intelligent guy.

I don’t know that people always see that. I would be interested to see just who the board would give the job to if it isn’t Lennon.

There has been a little bit of disgruntlement because people want to be steamrolling your way past teams but it just doesn’t always happen that way. Dundee set their stall out to frustrate Celtic at Dens Park and almost nicked something for their troubles but it is very difficult to play in games like that where there is so little space.

Ultimately, though, going ten points clear change the entire momentum of the league.

I said at the start of the season that Celtic would win the title by at least 15 points and they are pretty firmly on course to do that. I also think that going into the game against Rangers straight after the international break there just isn’t the same pressure on Celtic to have to go and get a result.

I know what position I would rather be in.

There will be juicy games after the split too and I think there is ample scope for points to be dropped at that stage because the likes of Kilmarnock under Steve Clarke and Aberdeen under Derek McInnes have shown themselves to be really astute this term.