ANOTHER game, another player trying to wind-up Alfredo Morelos.

And with some success.

This time it was my former team-mate and big pal Kirk Broadfoot who did what so many defenders do which is to try to get a rise out of player they know to have a short fuse.

It's part of the game, football is a tough way to make a living, and Morelos should take it as a compliment. Bad players don't get such treatment. They get ignored.

There wasn't much to Saturday's incident, I'm glad nothing more will be done about it, but because it's the bold Alfredo it has been highlighted.

Now, it's not a case of him counting to ten - or three - nor is it about him being able to ignore the little kicks and digs off the ball.

It's about professionalism.

I watched all of Rangers games in Europe this season and defenders had worked out that in Morelos Rangers had a player who could really hurt them.

So, they played on his weakness, that quick temper, and it worked.

He is 22 and will learn,but if this lad is going to get to the top, and he has every chance, he's got to learn to ignore guys like Kirk and just get on with the football.

It's not easy but, and I'll use the word again, it's professional.

This is the only chink in his armour because this lad has become a top class striker.

His goal against Kilmarnock was all about him; the turn of his marker, the way he got the ball on his stronger foot and then the finish, a cool and accurate shot with enough power to win his team a point. Morelos is Rangers best player. This is why he is targeted. It's because he's good.