THERE is a way to win and a way to lose an Old Firm game.

On Sunday, Scott Brown showed just how not to mark a derby victory.

The midfielder might relish his role as the pantomime villain whenever he steps on the park but the faux hard man act got old a long time ago.

He has been around the game enough to know what kind of reaction his gestures and actions towards the Rangers fans would have as Neil Lennon’s side clinched a derby win that all-but secures eight-in-a-row.

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While Rangers were out of the top flight, and while they have struggled since they returned, Brown and his team-mates have swept all before them in Scotland.

With no credible challenge from Ibrox, Celtic have racked up the medals with ease and Brown has been one of the main beneficiaries of the monopoly in our game.

It is understandable that this derby win meant a lot to the Parkhead captain but the role and profile he has comes with a responsibility.

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And that means he shouldn’t be milking it in front of the away fans like he was within seconds of full-time.

At 33 and as a veteran of these combustible Old Firm fixtures, Brown really should know better.

Quite why his first thought was to try and wind up or antagonise 800 Gers supporters when there are 60,000 Celtic fans around the ground is beyond comprehension.

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The melee that marred the end of the game only happened because Brown wanted to taunt rather than celebrate. It was classless.

Brown will have the last laugh when he lifts the title but it was no surprise to see Rangers respond like they did to an unnecessary celebration.

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