LET’S just imagine for a minute that Aberdeen had beaten Celtic 3-0 on Sunday, Celtic had two men sent off and Neil Lennon had been sent to the stand for making a gesture to the crowd. Can you imagine the headlines on Monday morning?

The police would be getting involved, the SFA would be getting involved, they’d all be saying ‘ban him, sack him, they are out of order, Scott Brown needs to be kicked out of the club.’ The whole country would be going absolutely mental.

If the roles were reversed there would have been huge ructions, so the fact is that Celtic have to be good on the discipline side of things at all times, and you have to take your hat off to them for the way they handle these heated encounters. You will seldom see their players getting sent off and losing the rag.

When it comes to the big games, Celtic have the temperament to handle the occasion and anything that their opponents throw at them. It’s a real testament to the players.

Glasgow Times:

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Look at the win over Rangers at Celtic Park, which they enjoyed, and then they enjoyed that win again yesterday as you could see when they celebrated with their fans. And it is quite right that they did too.

To dig in week-in, week-out, to win nine trophies out of nine, it would be an amazing achievement.

Brendan Rodgers played a huge part in that, but Neil Lennon has come in and picked up the pieces, remained unbeaten and hasn’t done a lot wrong at all.

Let’s not forget, Celtic were hardly playing scintillating football in the last few games under Brendan, they had been huffing and puffing now and again.

I meet Celtic fans regularly when I’m out and about and they ask me what I think about the manager’s position, and when I ask them what they think, the answer I usually get is that they aren’t happy with Neil’s brand of football and the fact they have drawn a few games.

All I would say though is that you have to remember Celtic weren’t really playing flowing, attractive football for a good few weeks before Neil came in, so I don’t think you can lay that at his door.

Glasgow Times:

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Sunday was a real positive performance, right from the word go. He is starting to put his own stamp on the team.

I think that the league will be wrapped up very soon, so in an ideal world, Neil would be looking to get some clarity now in order to get things moving for next season.

It is so key that Neil can get o the phone to managers of other clubs like PSG or West Brom when it comes to discussing the future of the likes of Timothy Weah and Oliver Burke, or cracking on with bringing in a freshness of his own.

It’s a strange old situation at the minute and the support is divided over it, but in all fairness to Neil, he has conducted himself so well through it all.

He looks calmer, he’s not waving his arms about and screaming and hollering at referees as he might do 10 years ago.

He has made mistakes as a young manager, but he seems to have learned from them. He’s passionate, and you don’t want to take that away from him.

The club know Neil, they know what he brings. He’s not a stranger to the club or the board.

I don’t think Celtic can leave the decision until after the Scottish Cup final. The call should be made now.

There has to be some clarity, for both Neil and the club, to move forward, and I think he has shown he is more than up to the job.