IF Kilmarnock think that they can fill Rugby Park with their own supporters for the game with Rangers next month, then they are entitled to do what they want with the tickets.

Rangers made that same decision at the start of the season and then Celtic did the same. Hearts, Hibernian and Aberdeen have all cut allocations in the past as well.

But I can understand the Rangers’ fans frustrations because they now won’t get to see their team at a ground where they have taken thousands of tickets for so many years now.

All of a sudden, Kilmarnock are doing well and they have a chance of getting into Europe and Rangers are told they are only getting the one stand. It is a tick in the teeth for Rangers.

Glasgow Times:

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But it is Kilmarnock’s prerogative and they are allowed to do that if they wish. That is entirely up to them but they are risking losing an awful lot of money if their supporters don’t come out in their numbers.

It will be interesting next season. Rangers could say ‘we don’t want 8,000 tickets’ and Kilmarnock are then missing out, as they could if Celtic take a similar stance.

Supporters always want to try and get to the last game of the season and I can understand why there will be huge disappointment for the Rangers fans that they won’t get to this one next month.

Kilmarnock have done nothing wrong, though. They want to make it a special day as part of their anniversary celebrations and they can do what they feel is best for them.

But there may well be repercussions in the future and it could be a case of watch this space when it comes to the matches at Rugby Park next season.