I meet fans all the time, and they are still very angry and very disappointed over the way Brendan Rodgers left the club.

Whether that anger or tension will ease in time over the years, only time will tell.

You have to admire and appreciate the job that he did. You have to give him credit for putting those seven trophies in the cabinet, and he put us on the path to a treble Treble before he left too.

Neil has taken over that and excelled, but you cannot argue that the foundations put in place by Brendan were unbelievable.

There are criticisms about his record in Europe, but you have to admire the job he has done.

Glasgow Times:

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I think the Celtic fans do, but they are still angered and feel let down by the way he left. He jumped ship out the back door and was away down the road, leaving the club with no manager at a crucial time.

In my view, it will take the Celtic fans a long time to get over it. If they ever get over it.

Neil is entitled to his view, as Scott Brown has too. And I agree with them that you can’t whitewash what he did for the club.

In time, I think tensions may ease, but then again, the fans are very angry and annoyed at what the man did.

He could have left as a legend, but now he isn’t thought about it in that way. And he left for a club that is nowhere near the size of Celtic Football Club, so the finances are obviously a major factor in that.

Good luck to him in that sense. But I think it will be a long, long time before he is welcomed back to Celtic Park in any way, shape or form.