I THINK most Rangers supporters and Rangers players were angry about what went on in the last Old Firm game, there is no doubt about that. People will expect Rangers to get really stuck in on Sunday because of that, but that can be dangerous for a team.

If you start thinking like that before these games, there will be trouble and you will get red cards.

Yes, you have to get in about them, be firm in the tackle, as they did in the 1-0 win in December.

But Rangers played Celtic off the park that day and that is the best way to go about winning at Ibrox this time. There was nothing daft on that day, they just went and done their business and they were different class and deserved winners.

Yes, they will still be angry at the last game, but you have got to get that out of your head.

You go into it with a determination, not looking for revenge.

The players have to firm but fair and not do anything stupid. They have had a lot of stick, and rightly so at times, with some of the sending offs but they have to grow up in Old Firm games.

The only way to get back at them is to win the game, that’s it.

This isn’t about kicking someone to prove a point or to try and show people you care.

That is petulant and won’t do Rangers any good whatsoever, it is not going to give your team a chance of winning the game.

The attitude has got to be right and we all remember the Andy Halliday tackle early on at Ibrox that set the tone for the whole game. That is what Rangers have to do in the opening stages again.

They have to be hard and competitive, but fair. That will to win has to be there.

Rangers have beaten Celtic already this season, and beaten them well we have to say.

It should have been a lot more than 1-0 that day, so there is no reason why we can’t go and beat them again tomorrow.

Having gone so long without winning an Old Firm game, what a lift it would be to beat them twice in the one season. Rangers are in good form and they want to finish the season well.

There will be a few players there thinking ‘I might not be here next season’ so this could be their last chance in an Old Firm. If Steven is 50/50 on anyone, they can turn the tide with a good performance against Celtic.

No matter when you are playing Celtic or what is at stake, you want to win, you want to beat them. There is no shadow of a doubt.

They have won the league, and deservedly so. But Rangers have got something to prove as well and they want to show the Ibrox game wasn’t a one-off.

Some people will tell you that we are miles behind them, but that isn’t true. Rangers weren’t at the races in the first derby at Celtic Park, but they won the second and they should have beaten them a few weeks ago.

This is a chance for Rangers to lay down a marker and say that they will get even stronger next season, that they will have a real go and that they have every chance.

Rangers don’t play friendlies, and neither do Celtic. There is no such thing as a meaningless game for Rangers and you can’t get a ticket for this game on Sunday.

If we win, the fans and players will celebrate big time, and rightly so. It will send out their message that we are back and we will certainly be a lot stronger next season.