RANGERS thoroughly deserved to beat Celtic on Sunday, and I really feel that Celtic’s minds were elsewhere. Yes, the cup final is more important, but you can never go into an Old Firm game with that kind of attitude or level of application.

It was a very difficult situation for Celtic having already been crowned champions. You knew the fight was going to come from Rangers, and the most disappointing thing was that there were four or five Celtic players out there who the game clearly didn’t mean enough to.

I played in 26 Old Firm games, and in every single one, I went into it thinking I had to win. It means so much, and although Celtic are champions and have been best team again over the piece, there is no excuse for so many Celtic players going out at Ibrox as if they didn’t really know or really care about what this game meant to the supporters.

The days of grabbing hold of people are maybe over, but players have to take responsibility for their own performances.

In our day, we could look around the dressing room or look at the player next to you and know that he wasn’t going to let you down.

I just didn’t see anything from this Celtic team on Sunday. We were saying the same things in December, but looking at the players on Sunday, there were several who simply didn’t fancy it.

They are playing for a great club, they are all on good money, and they had an opportunity to stick their chests out and show they can handle the big occasion. But for the second time this season, some were left wanting.