NOBODY could convince me that there is not a better man for the role of Scottish FA President than Rod Petrie. And nobody could convince me that there is not another person out there that wouldn’t like the position after he was elected unopposed on Wednesday.

Surely there are other people in our game that are better qualified and better equipped to be President?

If you are on a board, you should want the top job. But it is seen as Petrie’s turn because he has served his time and moved up the levels. So he is made President and Mike Mulraney, named Vice-President at the AGM, will then get it next time.

There must be ambitious, forward-thinking, fresh faces out there that can come in and drive the Scottish FA forward. The same goes along the corridor at the SPFL.

It is the same people that are in there at Hampden year after year. When one moves on, another old face moves up unopposed, which is absolutely ridiculous.

You have been there for years, so it is your turn. It is the old pals act.

We have got to find people with new ideas, that can come in and make a real impact here.

What do we know about how Petrie sees the future of Scottish football? Very little, if anything, and we didn’t even get to hear from the man himself this week when that was the perfect chance.

He should have been put in front of the cameras and the reporters this week and given the chance to sell his vision for the game and try and convince the doubters, of which there will be many, that he is the right man for the role.

But, instead of hearing from Petrie, you have Ian Maxwell saying the SFA have to ‘humanise’ him. This is the man that is now the figurehead of Scottish football.

I remember a couple of years ago listening to Barry Hearn and he was talking about how he revolutionised darts and snooker and how he has been so successful over so many years in so many sports.

I am not saying he would come in to Scottish football, but our game is crying out for someone with that vision, that drive. We are stale.

At times, it is a shambles. Maybe we need people in there that are not involved with clubs, because then they are looking after Scottish football and not each other.

People will always look out for their own club and then people they are aligned with, but that isn’t in the best interests of the game.

If you were to have a poll of supporters and asked them about the SFA, you wouldn’t get many that were happy with the way things are being run right now and Petrie wouldn’t get a high approval rating.

Are Scottish football fans content with the process and the people that are in place right now? Or would they like to see change, like to see new people and new ideas?

I actually quite like Ian Maxwell to be fair. He has been a player, been an executive at Partick Thistle and now he is the SFA chief executive.

He has worked his way there and he seems a sensible guy doing his best. But when you are in that job, you need smart people around you that you can bounce off.

Are there enough people in there with those good ideas? I’m not sure.

Until we get away from this situation where if you hang around long enough you get rewarded, we will never really move on.

That doesn’t open the SFA up to fresh ideas, to big thinking.

It is going to be the same next season as it was last season and it will be the same the season after that as well. That’s not right.