OF all the Rangers squad players trying to make their breakthrough into the first-team, there can’t be many with a tougher task on their hands than Matt Polster.

The American was given an Ibrox debut at right-back on Thursday night as a largely shadow Rangers side swept aside St Joseph’s, and although he acquitted himself well enough, he knows that he is highly unlikely to displace club captain James Tavernier from the position.

That is why he is prepared to play anywhere his manager Steven Gerrard needs him to just to get as much experience as he can playing in front of the Rangers support.

“I can play right-back and midfield and I am happy in both positions,” Polster said. “I have spoken with the manager and he sees me more as a right back at the moment. We will see as the season goes on.

Glasgow Times:

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“We have so many games, so it could change. I would happily play wherever the manager needs me. I want to play as many games as I can, and I want to win. It will be hard to get a game at right back with Tav being there, but you never know.

“Sometimes Tav might need a rest and then I can come in. It is more difficult when the captain is the right back.”

For now, all Polster can do is try to impress in training and force his way into his manager’s thinking, as he revealed that a points system in place for round-robin matches during the week is making sessions at the Hummel Training Centre more competitive than ever.

“We have a lot of good players and the manager has expressed that,” he said. “We are a competitive group and we have 23 or 24 guys wanting to play.

“To get a shirt you have to prove yourself during the week. It is good for us because this season we want to win.

“At training we have a points system right now. It makes it more competitive. We have a table and you see where you stand. There are round robin games and if you win you get more points.

“The team changes every single day and training is fun, but everyone wants to win. I am mid-table right now, so it isn’t too bad right now. It isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worst.”

Glasgow Times:

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“I have never seen that many people in one place for a game, it was incredible. I thought my first 20 minutes were okay but I could have done better. I improved in the second half though but it was my first match so I will go from here.”

Being brought up in Las Vegas, you might think that Polster’s background is as far removed from Rangers as can be, but even when he was back home in the summer he couldn’t escape the club’s supporters.

“I met Rangers fans in Las Vegas, they are everywhere,” he said. “An old referee back home is a Rangers fan and I didn’t know that growing up. It was nice to meet up with him and we spoke about Rangers.

“It is interesting that Rangers is everywhere you go. I had no idea there were so many fans following the club.

“When I have spoken to fans, especially back home, they are excited for me. People know how big an opportunity this is for me, and I know how huge it is.

“All Rangers fans want us to win, that is the message they keep telling me that but I am okay with that. “Even in the first match at home in Europe there is over 46,000 fans there and we are 4-0 up from the first game. I have never known anything like it.”