Celtic weren’t up to much against an excellent Dunfermline and they could have done with putting on a show given what happened against Cluj.

Still, they got through because in extra-time it was one-way traffic for the most part and, when this happens, the big team tends to find a way. James Forrest, his team’s regular saviour, took on a shot which with help of a deflection won the game.

That was the first time in 28 cup ties Celtic haven’t won in 90 minutes. That run includes six finals which ended with Scott Brown holding aloft a trophy.

Eight in a row, three trebles, some terrific players still at the club and before the international break, two games with AIK Stockholm, Hearts at home and then a visit to Ibrox. It’s a lot to be excited about. Win the next four and things begin to look really good.

But the Green Brigade are so unhappy they held a silent protest on Saturday. Their banner also questioned why the board are gambling with ten in a row. Anti-social media is full of supporters barely able to type their incoherent rants through angry tears.

Sure, Celtic could spend money better. Personally, I believe a Scott Brown replacement ought to already be at the club along with someone to play on the left.

I thin Lennon got his team wrong last Tuesday but, still, his defence should not have been as poor and Brown made three mistakes which led to goals. It was one of those nights.

I’m not making excuses for anyone, merely pointing out that Celtic are hardly in freefall. They are not in ruins. Things could be better, and the team should be even at this early stage, but every club can say this.Some of the greatest ever Celtic days have happened over the last three season and there could be even better times ahead with nine and ten in a row more than possible.

They should wait until something really bad happens before protesting. Or do some growing up and stop acting like spoiled children.


On Celtic TV, the former captain effectively accused referee John Beaton of cheating.

Celtic should have been given a penalty in the first half of extra-time, the ball hit a Dunfermline player’s arm. Beaton got it wrong. His attention may have been on Dunfermline goalkeeper Ryan Scully who was down injured, and he wasn’t the only player on the ground.

“We’ve not played well today,” admitted Boyd. “But a decision once again from a referee may cost us in this game. Hopefully we will go on and beat, not the ten men or the eleven men of Dunfermline, but the twelve men with that decision from John Beaton.

“He’ll probably be welcome down his pub tonight again.”

The last comment was reference to a lie peddled on social media about Beaton being spotted in a ‘Rangers pub’ hours after last December’s Old Firm game. It didn’t happen and it’s dangerous to allude that it did given there are some crazy people out there.

Boyd went on to say: “I’m not mystified. John Beaton, it’s obviously a pre-meditated decision not to give that penalty because it was so late in the game.”

Allow me to join the dots. Boyd is saying that Beaton the bluenose woke up on Saturday morning determined not to give Celtic a penalty.

Celtic apparently are the only team that suffers bad decisions. Nothing every goes their way. Well, except that they are more successful and richer than every other team in the country.


“I keep telling people I was going for the top corner,” said the 20-year-old who sounded as if he was trying to convince himself. “I saw Griff (Leigh Griffiths) making a run and tried to hit him so I got a bit of luck. It was just what we needed at the time.”

Whether it was lucky or not, Johnston was Celtic’s best player, again, on Saturday. This promises to be a big season for him.

Quick, direct, confident, full of skill and with an eye for goal, the lad from Celtic’s academy who has been talked about for years is coming good. Very good indeed.


“The boys were amazing,” said left-back Lewis Martin who himself was terrific. “Obviously we know Celtic are the treble Treble winners and coming here we were always going to be up against it but to a man we were exceptional. We fought all the way only for them to get lucky at the end.

"It’s a mixture of pride and disappointment. We were gutted when the goal went in to make it 2-1 but the effort we put in throughout the entire game was different class. If we can do that all season, I’m sure we’ll do well.

"We were starting to think it might be our day. When we go the equaliser we were pushing Celtic and it looked like we had that edge. We had them on the back foot.

"What happened was unfortunate but the boys should be proud of themselves.

"Our game plan was to defend and counter attack when we could.

"Stevie Crawford, Greg Shields and Jason Dair had gone through tactics all week and I think it showed that it worked. We knew how to play against Celtic, sitting in and looking to counter, and I thought we did that brilliantly."


There were 1000 through from Fife, and good on them, but did we really need to hear stuff about “fenians” "singing in chapels" and “paedos”?

When did Dunfermline supporters start coming out with all of this garbage?