IF Tom Boyd could take back his comments about John Beaton last week, I am sure he would. I hope he would and I don’t think you’ll hear him say anything like that again.

I do commentaries for RangersTV over the course of a season and when you work for the club in that capacity of course you are going to have the blue tinted specs on at times.

But you have a responsibility as well and you can’t start talking about referees and decisions the way that Tom did during his coverage of the Dunfermline game.

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When you start having a go at referees or linesmen, you must know that the Scottish FA are going to be listening and are going to take a really dim view of it. There are lines that you can’t cross and you do have to watch what you are saying.

There was so much talk about the officials last season and too often they became the story rather than the performances of the players or the impact of the results.

When you don’t talk about a referee or a linesman, you know they have done a good job and we don’t want another campaign dominated by headlines about the officials.

No referees are biased for or against any team. They might have been fans of Rangers or Celtic or whoever when they were younger, but when you progress to that level all of that goes out of the window.

That is how I always looked at it as a player and that is still the case now. I don’t believe there is anyone that is biased and effectively cheating the game. It doesn’t happen.

There are always decisions that you get or don’t get but that is football and it happens. Everyone should remember that this season.