STEVEN Gerrard last night admitted he is expecting an unwanted bid to come in for one his key players this week with Alfredo Morelos the likely target for a European club.

The transfer window shuts on Friday and the Rangers manager would be surprised if he did not have to fend off an offer for Colombian striker or captain James Tavernier before then.

Gerrard revealed players would leave Ibrox, on loan or permanently, over the next few days, which would be his decision.

But if bid of £10million or more was to be made, manager and board would face a big decision.

Gerrard said: “In terms of personnel and numbers, I’m comfortable. Whether we’ve got the right amount of quality – that’s the challenge and task for us all. In terms of having two good players in each position, I’m happy.

“If someone came along with a bid for a player who is firmly in my plans, that would change because I would have to replace. If that happens – I don’t know. We’ll find out in the coming days. I predict that a bid will land for one of my players.

"That could happen. I'm not sitting here keeping anything from you in terms of that, but we have had interest in some of our players for loans and also we've had people suggesting that there could be a bid landing for some players as well, but it's early days to give you any information on that because it might not happen.

“There's nothing really solid yet that we have to make a decision on, but it's getting warmer as they days go by, so I predict there could be some outgoings.

"I'm comfortable in certain situations with certain personnel going out and playing football, players who are maybe not in my plans, I'm comfortable with that and I actually think they should go out and play football rather than sitting about here with no game time. What I'm not comfortable with is if a bid comes out of the blue for a player that is in my plans, that's when I would have a decision to make.

"I think you'll see some movement going in the opposite direction. There are some offers swirling about for certain individuals, so there will be news broken over the seven or so days that are left. There will be a few going in the other direction.

“But I can't see there being any change the other way unless something comes out of the blue and takes away one of our players we might have to replace.”