Rangers defender Matt Polster’s loved ones made themselves part of the Light Blues family - by wearing their club jerseys to dinner.

American Polster, 26, welcomed his family to Glasgow alongside his wife-to-be Brittany Held.

The group headed to Dakota for a meal when the defender’s mum, dad and the rest of the Polster’s stuck on their Rangers shirts.

Matt Polster ready to play anywhere to force his way into Rangers fold

WAG Brittany Held - a sports reporter for ESPN in her homeland - shared a playful clip of the family posing.

She said: “When family is in town and they put on their jerseys in the middle of dinner #WATP”.

The footage, posted on Held’s Instagram story, was also shared by a Gers fan on social media, who wrote: “Matt Polster’s family RSC." 

And it racked up the likes and shares.

Fans were quick to tell of their delight at the right-back’s loved ones taking to the club so quickly.

One person wrote: “A love the Polster’s”.

Another added: “Quality.”