Scotland midfielder Matt Ritchie has hilariously been compared to an American Football mascot - to the delight of social media.

A picture of Wichita State mascot WuShock was posted online by one punter who pointed out the fact that the giant yellow bundle of wheat bears a striking resemblance to the Newcastle star.

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Posting the snap, Twitter user Chris Shipman wrote: "I don’t want to alarm anyone but there’s an American Football team whose (terrifying) mascot is the spitting image of Matt Ritchie".

The picture racked up almost 10,000 likes and more than 1,000 shares since it was published on Friday.

Hundreds of users appeared to love the comparison and gave their thoughts on the lookalike.

One laughed: "Hahaha I love that."

Another joked: "It's uncanny."

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One wrote: "Why is this so accurate?"

A fourth added: "Just after he's been subbed."

Others compared WuShock to another famous Scot.

One said: "More like Gordon Ramsay."

Another thought the same, commenting: "Surely that's Gordon Ramsay as a Simpson?"

Scotland international Ritchie - who plays for Newcastle in the English Premier League - has 16 caps for his national side.