THIS has to be a watershed moment for the Rangers supporters.

The club has found themselves in the dock with UEFA over the behaviour of the fans in recent days and there will no doubt be pressure applied on the Scottish FA and the SPFL to take action as well.

The atmosphere on Thursday night was unbelievable and that was with 3,000 seats lying empty after Rangers were charged for sectarian singing during the game with St Joseph’s.

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That has to stop. This is a serious situation for the support and for the club and I hope that the penny has dropped now.

Rangers fans have got hundreds of songs they can sing to back the team and anyone that uses sectarian or racist language is putting their club, and their fellow fan, in real danger.

The club have been really strong and proactive on this matter recently and I hope that the message is getting through to the people.

UEFA will continue to take very serious action against our club and no fan should want to harm their club.

Thursday night was the perfect example of how you can support the team without certain songs and without using offensive language and the roar when Alfredo Morelos (inset) scored was terrific to hear.

That has to be the way forward for the fanbase because the situation with UEFA is very, very serious.

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The ramifications could be terrible for Rangers as a club and a team and I think the fans realise that now.

Support your team and support them in the right way that backs the players and the manager.

Rangers have a wonderful, loyal and vocal fanbase. So let’s show it at its best at home and abroad.