Old Firm stars past and present have rallied behind Scott Brown after he was targeted for vile abuse about the death of his sister following Sunday's Rangers clash at Ibrox.

Brown was boarding the Celtic bus following his side's 2-0 win over Gers when he was approached by a yob.

The man, believed to have been a Rangers fan, asked: "How's your sister?" in reference to Brown's sibling Fiona who passed away from skin cancer in 2008.

Celtic's Scott Brown 'subjected to sick abuse' about sister's death after Old Firm clash at Ibrox

The Hoops captain managed to show commendable restraint as the culprit was urged to leave the area by fellow Gers fans who blasted him for "out of order" comments.

Now former teammates and ex-players from Glasgow's goldfish bowl have come out in public to condemn the fan involved.

And they have praised Celtic's captain for resisting the temptation to react.

Ex-Celtic star Chris Sutton said: "The Scott Brown video is absolutely sickening. 

"It’s hard to imagine anybody could actually be as sick as this. 

"There is no place for this sort of behaviour anywhere in society. 

Rangers fan gets life ban for sick taunt of Celtic's Scott Brown about sister

"Enough is enough and the scumbag responsible should be held to account."

Former teammate Tony Watt added: "The Brown video makes me sick that someone can be that horrible all because who he plays for! If someone said that about my sister police or not infront of me I’m trying to take every tooth from his mouth".

Lyon striker Moussa Dembele said: "Disgusting it’s JUST FOOTBALL - be strong Captain as usual".

Rangers players who played against Brown also hailed the midfielder while criticising the "disgusting" jibe.

Kevin Thomson, who was been both friend and on-field foe, said: "Love football to bits it’s been my life, but seeing that video of someone saying that to Scotty made me sick, love the rivalry love the battle, so many amazing fans who respect what the club represent, no place ever for p***** like that. Brilliant seeing so many disgusted by it."

Ex-Gers man Nacho Novo also commented: "Well I’m so angry about the video I see about @broony08 is make me sick I just to play against him and no only that we battle to try to win a game 90 mnts but I meet him in a few dinners and is a nice guy is a football game ffs".

Even celebs outside of the game had their say, including wrestler and actor Grado, who also lost his mum to the illness recently.

He posted on social media: "I’m absolutely disgusted at that Scott Brown video. Vile horrible b******, actually sitting here raging.

"That illness took my Mum, friends and so many more. Please never show up at any football game ever again."

We told earlier how Rangers confirmed the fan would be banned from Ibrox for life after his vile insult.