WHEN Belgium registered their third goal at Hampden, my mind wandered as it often does to indie music from the 1980s.

One of the finest singles from that era was written by that great Edinburgh poet Edwyn Collins of Orange Juice whose suggestion to “rip it up and start again” would be my advice to Steve Clarke of the Scotland national football team.

There are four games remaining in Group I. Away to Russia and Cyprus, and home to Kazakhstan and Cyprus. Four dress rehearsals, plus probably at least one friendly, to get ready for the play-off semi-final at in Glasgow next March against either Bulgaria, Finland or at a push Israel.

Clarke can either do two things. He sticks with those who have been around for a while, with a couple of tweaks, or make the decision that the old guard have had their day and for Scotland to move forward a few of the senior men have to move on.

I hope the Ayrshireman is a fan of Scottish student jangly guitar music.

There are too many players in and around the squad who have reached their peak. They are not going to get any better. Is there much point in giving them more caps in the hope of two big performances towards the end of next season?

There is little to suggest the manager is going to get more from this group.

I’m not saying there should be a cull of anyone above 30. Every team needs experience. But there are quite a few who have not done nearly enough in terms of what they bring to the team. They must go.

For the next squad, I want to see Billy Gilmour called up, even if he’s not played all that much for Chelsea. Let’s see what this 18-year-old is all about in the context of a senior international. What do we have to lose?

Sure, this could be seen as risk but this isn’t the time to gamble then when is.

Also, if Mikey Johnston is good enough to be a first team player for the best team in the country then he gets in. John Fleck has been unlucky with injuries but we need to see this playmaker involved. He’s 28 but would be a fresh face.

There is always a young player who emerges over a season. We got two last time, Lewis Ferguson and the currently injured David Turnbull, but our emerging footballers rarely get fast-tracked. Their paths blocked by a six out of tenner who gets 30 caps and does little to justify his place.

If Ryan Porteous at Hibernian stays fit and hits his best form, he gets a chance. Or the manager goes with the familiar and, I’m afraid, I cannot see this Scotland team reach the European championships via a two-leg final – if we win the semi.

Let’s shake things up. Everyone else does it. In other countries, a teenager has a good three months and will at least get the chance to train with the senior international team.

And if we don’t make the Euros then at the very least some of the next generation will have experienced the Scotland set-up.

This isn’t a knee-jerk reaction after a horror night. Belgium play a different sport to us. But countries of a similar size do far better.

There isn’t enough passion, which used to be a strength. There was a lack of fight, nobody put in a tackle which got the crowd and team going. That is still a thing in football.

To quote Edwyn once more: “I'd choke rather than swallow my pride.” Clarke may need to take a large gulp because things can’t go on like this.