Celtic legend Peter Grant has opened up on the moment he and Tony Mowbray received 'dog's abuse' after their side were mauled 4-0 by St Mirren in Paisley.

The Hoops were dismantled by Gus MacPherson's Buddies on that fateful night in 2010 that cost Mogga and Grant their jobs.

Steven Thomson and Andy Dorman both bagged braces as Celts crumbled and Grant recalled the moment he faced furious Celtic supporters outside the Parkhead gates when the team bus returned home.

Celtic hero Peter Grant claims Hoops fans would never 'let their club die' as he hails Fergus McCann

Speaking on Si Ferry's Open Goal show, Grant said: "We got a phone call to tell us to take the bus round the back way but I was like 'that will be right, we'll be going to the front gate in front of those supporters'.

"'We'll go and face them. We've embarrassed them, so let's face it out there'.

"We went round to the front, came out and got pelters.

"I stood and spoke to the supporters who gave me dogs abuse. 

"But I said to them 'listen, if you're asking me to resign, that won't be happening.

"'If I get sacked that's completely different, but me walk away from here? Never in a million years'."

Grant and Mowbray were given the bullet the following day.

But the former Celtic skipper admitted he was HAPPY to lose his job because he hadn't enjoyed any of his time as coach at his beloved club - because he struggled to be his usual fiery self.

He added: "It was horrible [to be sacked], but I must admit I was relieved. It was the happiest I'd been at that period of time.

"It hurts me to say but there was something missing and I didn't enjoy it one bit.

"There was something missing, whether it was us as the staff, certain things happened that I don't think should've been allowed to happen and certain things were done that shouldn't have been done.

"It was a privilege to go back but I didn't enjoy one minute."