Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp still scratches his head at the thought of Celtic allowing Andy Robertson to leave the club's academy.

Deemed too small as a kid, Robertson has gone on to carve a stellar career for himself from the ground up.

Queen's Park was the club who allowed him to show off his talents while working at Hampden Park in his spare time.

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Clearly a cut above, Dundee United came calling and he was allowed the platform to shine further in the Scottish Premiership.

And that he did, earning a move to Hull City before the dream switch to Anfield.

So you can understand Klopp's confusion at Celtic freeing the Champions League winner.

The German can't wrap his head around why Robbo's beloved Hoops would let a player with such potential move on.

But speaking to the Daily Record, he's happy enough that they did - because everything the Scotland captain has done has led to him being a stalwart for the English Premier League giants.

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Klopp said: "It’s so difficult to understand when you look at him now that 
anyone could ever have let him go.

"Left-back is such an important position and I don’t think in 
Scotland they have 500 of them, do they? So it’s hard to imagine how you can give up on a boy like this.

"It cannot be his personality or character. It cannot be his speed because he was always quick.

"It cannot be the quality of his left foot because it was always brilliant when he played for Hull and when I saw him play for Dundee United.

"So a left-back with speed,
 quality and character? You have to keep him and work with him.

"Yes, he had to improve his defending when he came here but he did it because he has a big heart and all I can say is it would have been a joy for me if I’d met him
 earlier than I did."