Celtic hero Chris Sutton has recalled the hilarious moment he spent the night before his record-money move to Blackburn Rovers behind bars.

Sutton was a hot commodity back in 1994 and was snapped up by Kenny Dalglish for £5million.

The former striker was terrified, though, that his move might fall through after a boozy club night with ex-Norwich City teammate Bryan Gunn.

He hopped into a flashy motor head first and damaged the indicator.

And he remembered the moment he dodged cops by heading out of a nightclub fire escape - only to be chased down.

Speaking on BBC 5 Live Sport, Sutton recounted the story.

He said: "I got led astray by Bryan Gunn and went to celebrate my big move as Britain's record transfer.

"I had a few too many drinks and, in good spirits, dived into a convertible car and bent the indicator, then carried on with the evening and went to a nightclub.

"The police came into the nightclub to arrest me, I went out the fire exit, jumped into a taxi.

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"It was like The Sweeney with Norwich police cars chasing the taxi and surrounded me.

"I was put in the cells.

"All I could think of was, not my move to Blackburn or Kenny Dalglish, but that 'my dad's going to kill me'."

"I phoned Kenny the next morning, extremely sheepish, thinking 'will they pull the plug' and he just laughed."