Ex-Celtic youngster Si Ferry has recalled the moment former teammates Evander Sno and Stiliyan Petrov had a full-scale brawl at training.

The two midfielders scrapped after Ferry claims Petrov took aim at the Dutchman with a late challenge.

Petrov - who left the club a short time after to join Aston Villa - was desperate to leave, according to Ferry.

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But when he took it too far with a rash "boot" on Sno, the former Feyenoord kid didn't take too kindly and a rammy erupted.

Speaking on his Keeping the Ball on the Ground podcast, Ferry said: "I remember Evander Sno and Petrov fought at training.

"Honestly it was like two heavyweights fighting, it was f***ing brilliant.

"Petrov was kind of wanting out of Celtic at that point and was just booting everyone in training.

"He booted big Snowy and it was a proper square-go.

"I loved it, it was battle of the titans."

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Podcast regular Paul Slane also opened up on his own memories of a bust-up with ex-teammate Andre Blackman.

The argument kicked off when Slane and James Keatings were laughing together in training when they were questioned by Blackman.

"What are you f***ing laughing at?" was met by "It’s nothing to f***ing do with you anyway so shut your mouth."

The coming together was split up but after coach Stevie Frail separated the two, Blackman continued to goad Slane into a fight - only for the Scot to reply: "I’m not going to waste my career on you right, no way, get away!”"