Neil Lennon has been known to blow a gasket or two as a manager.

But Scott Allan loved every minute working under the fiery ex-Celtic star at Hibs.

Midfielder Allan, 27, was a big fan of Lennon's management style and almost sadistically ENJOYED it when his boss lost the rag.

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Hibs under Lennon had been on a 14-game unbeaten run when they were eventually halted by rivals Hearts at Tynecastle.

And Allan recalled Lennon telling his players he was ready to pack it in during one particularly heated exchange.

"I can't say a bad word about Lenny, I loved every minute of it," he told PLZ Soccer.

"I even loved when he used to go off his head, to be honest. 

"Because you know he wore his heart on his sleeve and the next day it'd be fine as long as you went out and did a job for him.

"He could make you feel really, really confident before you went out to play a game and for some players that's a big thing."

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He added: "Every week there would always be something he'd go off his head about but it was after the Hearts game where we'd gone 14 games unbeaten.

"Then we lost to Hearts at Tynecastle, I don't really want to go into it too much but it was mental.

"I think he came out and said 'I'm leaving, I've had enough!', we'd been on an unbeaten run and got our highest finish ever so the boys just started laughing because you're thinking 'surely not?' considering the run we went on.

"I have a lot of respect for him and I enjoyed working with him."