Celtic youngster Armstrong Oko-Flex has revealed his three footballing idols.

The 17-year-old joined the Hoops back in 2018 and has been involved with the first-team without yet being used on the pitch by Neil Lennon.

The grounded Irish teen grew up as a striker and admits he always loved the Brazilians whom he watched and tried to emulate.

He said: "Of all-time I have three [heroes]. The first one is Ronaldinho, he was just amazing.

"He's the reason I love football, all the skills he did I try to replicate them, he's the reason I play.

"The second is Brazilian Ronaldo. When I played striker I used to watch him all the time.

"The third is a Nigerian player.

"Jay Jay Okocha, he was amazing. The stuff he did on the pitch is what I do on the PS4, crazy skills."