Steven Gerrard won’t put pressure on his wee boy to pick a side - though he expects him to grow up a Rangers fan.

Little Lio provided Ibrox with the cutest moment of last week during the Gers vs Liverpool legends match.

He scored a goal on the pitch - a feat his old man couldn’t manage on the day - drawing a rapturous applause and celebration.

A Liverpool legend himself, his dad won’t be hassling him to follow in his footsteps and support the Reds.

In fact Gerrard reckons Lio’s memories of Ibrox will last a lifetime.

He told Rangers TV: “Obviously he’s a Rangers fan now, he always will be. He’s a Liverpool fan as well.

“There will be no pressure on him.

“He’ll decide what he wants to be, there will certainly be no pressure from my end.

“All I ask is that he loves the game because I’d love to be able to sit and watch football with him and one day go down the pub and watch Liverpool and watch Rangers, that’s all I ask for.

“If he’s good at it and he ends up playing for someone, then great.

“But there will be no pressure on him that’s for sure.”