STEVEN Gerrard thought James Tavernier was the man for the job when he made him Rangers captain and he has worked closely with him every day since. If he thinks James is right skipper, that is final.

The debate over James wearing the armband comes up all the time amongst the fans and it is easy when a player is going through a rough period to say he shouldn’t be the captain. He is singled out, but when he is playing well nobody questions James having that great honour.

I don’t really know James that well as a person but I watch him as a player and he does try to encourage others on the park and he seems a vocal presence.

When I think back to my day, we had John Greig, the greatest ever, and Sandy Jardine, Alex MacDonald, Tom Forsyth. It was a team full of leaders and rather than focusing on the one man with the armband, it is important that everyone steps up every time they pull on that Rangers jersey.

James is the man that Steven has chosen and that faith, rightly, won’t have changed at Ibrox.