Richard Gough has recalled the hilarious moment Jim McLean told him to "f*** off" after he asked for advice on who to sign for when leaving Dundee United.

Former United and Rangers defender Gough had decided to call time on his Tannadice career and was at the centre of a tug-of-war between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea.

Then-Dundee United manager McLean - a famously fiery character - was furious at the thought of losing Gough to any other club.

So he didn't mince words when Gough called him to say thank you for helping start his career in 1980 - and told Gough where to go when he asked for advice on who to choose.

Speaking on Si Ferry's Open Goal podcast, Gough said: "I was quite funny, we played at Ibrox and lost. I got back home on Saturday night and I still hadn't heard anything because Jim McLean wasn't speaking to me.

"I knew I was leaving the next morning to go down to London and sign for Tottenham.

"I get a call from George Grant who was the chairman at Dundee United saying 'we've got a wee problem, Richard, Tottenham have put in £750,000 and Chelsea have matched their offer, so we need to go see both teams'.

"I still hadn't heard from Jim McLean so I call him up for advice. I said 'Mr McLean I want to thank you, I'm leaving tomorrow morning I want to thank you for all the help you've given me in my five years at Dundee United.

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"'A bit of advice on whether I should join Chelsea or Tottenham'.

"He says 'well, I don't really bother who the f*** you're going to f***ing sign. F*** off', and put the phone down.

"I couldn't believe it. Brilliant, that's how he was. There was no 'good luck with the rest of your career, son', it was 'f*** off I don't care who you join."

Watch clip above: WARNING strong language.