Lazio have warned their own supporters that any racist chanting at Celtic Park will result in a stadium ban.

The Serie A giants have implored fans not to get themselves into trouble ahead of their trip to Glasgow in the Europa League.

Fans of the club have already faced serious punishment and a partial stadium closure has already been enforced for the return game on September 7.

This came after supporters inside the Stadio Olimpico were found to have made fascist salutes during their game against Rennes on matchday two.

Now the club themselves have urged those travelling to Scotland not to become involved in any abusive or racist behaviour or risk being weeded out and banned from further games back home.

The statement read: "Scottish law punishes any act of violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance especially during sporting events; we therefore appeal to the civic sense of the fans to avoid behaviours that can generate reactions from local authorities. 

"In the same way the Lazio supporters are invited not to fall into provocations and not to provoke guest fans in order to avoid putting at risk the safety and security of all the spectators present.

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"The fans' attention is also drawn to the behaviour in any way tolerated by the undersigned company and by the international football community. 

"Unfortunately, lately, despite repeated warnings, part of the supporters has become the protagonist of gestures and choirs, including Roman greetings or discriminatory chants against black players, which have generated economic and disciplinary sanctions against the SS Lazio. 

"In this sense, it is reiterated that where similar behaviours are repeated, measures will be taken to defend the reputation and tradition of the club.

"The initiatives aimed at identifying those responsible and for the rigorous application of the code of ethics for the purposes of exclusion from the stadiums of any authors of the facts."