CHIC CHARNLEY believes that the good times are set to roll at Firhill once more, because Ian McCall reminds him of his former boss and Partick Thistle legend, John Lambie.

Charnley briefly worked under McCall at Clydebank at the start of his managerial career, and he feels that the way the Jags boss has matured since then has made him a natural leader of men.

On top of that, he understands the club, and Charnley thinks that will be a key factor in bringing success back to Maryhill.

“It’s good to see them getting their identity back with Ian taking over," Charnley said. "I know him and how he works.

"He reminds me of John Lambie a bit in the rapport that he has with his players. He doesn’t overthink things as a manager and I’m confident he will do well at Thistle.

“I don’t want to do down Gary Caldwell but some people just don’t fit in at places. And you look at Ian’s record at all the clubs he’s been at and he’s always down well. It’s so important to have that bond with your players to get the best out of them and Ian seems to have that.

"He’s got such experience now and that helps. He’ll not be as intense now as he maybe was when he was younger and that comes with maturity. He’ll do really well here.

“I can see a difference in him from his younger years. And you saw how he did at Ayr in particular to see how much he’s improved as a manager. I worked with him briefly at Clydebank and you could tell even back then he knew the game inside out.

“He’s got to get the club stabilised again but I’m almost certain they’ll reach the play-offs this season."

Thistle as a club still has an emotional pull on Charnley, with the madcap maverick still taking in games whenever he can. And he is sure that same pull was at work on McCall as he made the decision to leave high-flying Ayr United to return to his old stomping ground.

“It tells you a lot that Ian was willing to leave a team that was flying in Ayr to come back to Thistle," he said. "And even the Ayr chairman praised him for the job that he did there. It must have taken a lot for Ian to leave all that behind which shows the pull that Thistle still has for him.

“This is a Premiership club and that’s where they deserve to be. But they are where they are for a reason. Even under the gaffer they were in the second division for a spell and nearly went out the game completely. So they can’t take anything for granted. But I’d like to think they’ll get back into the top division soon as that’s where they belong."

Charnley will take a walk down memory lane next Friday night as he joins fellow former Jags George Shaw and Martin Hardie at "A Pizza, A Pint and A Legend" night at Firhill, and he is looking forward to revisiting some of the happiest moments of his life with former colleagues and fans.

“It will be great sharing the memories again with George and Martin," he said. "Although there are some things that can’t be shared in public or we’ll get the jail!"

*"A Pizza, A Pint and A Legend" featuring George Shaw, Chic Charnley and Martin Hardie takes place at Firhill on Friday 1 November. Tickets via