Celtic’s 2-1 win over Lazio at their last Europa League tie has been making the headlines over the past week – but not because of the scoreline.

Fan behaviour has been a big issue with both clubs, and Serie A chief Gaetano Micciche has criticised a section of Lazio fans and called them 'delinquents' for their shameful actions in Glasgow last week.

Now, Celtic fans have been warned about their behaviour ahead of their visit to Rome to face Lazio again next week.

After Lazio fans marched through Glasgow’s city centre making fascist salutes, a section Hoops fans retaliated with a huge banner that showed Italian fascist Benito Mussolini's body being hung after he was shot with the message ‘Follow your leader’.

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They also had a banner at the Aberdeen game in Pittodrie last weekend with an offensive message to Alessandra Mussolini, the politican granddaughter of Mussolini, who said the people behind it should be prosecuted.

SS Lazio and the City of Rome Police have warned the club that visitors banners and flags will be checked before they head into the stadium, and any with a political statement or mention other clubs or organisations will not be permitted.

They have also mentioned that spot fines will be issued to those seen drinking from bottles on the street and they are also banned from marching to Stadio Olimpico.

Celtic have posted an information guide to fans travelling to the game on their official website.

It said: “The following information has been provided to Celtic FC by SS Lazio and the City of Rome Police.

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"It is intended to provide Celtic Supporters who are travelling to Rome with clear guidelines of what they can expect when staying in the City, travelling to the match and when they arrive at the Stadium.

"There will be a prominent Police presence throughout the City on the day prior to the match and on match day, fans are advised to always follow the advice of Police at all times.

"It is forbidden to drink from glass bottles in the street, this will result in an on the spot fine.

"The Olympic Stadium is 6km from the centre of Rome, on match day there will be transport for Celtic fans which will leave from Villa Borghese starting at 16:00 hours, fans will be required to present their match ticket to use the buses to the Stadium.

"Buses will operate in a shuttle service, the journey time to the Stadium is around 20 minutes.

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"The stadium will open at 17:00 and it is recommended that fans start to make their way to the Stadium from 16:00 and advice is to arrive at least 1.5 hours prior to kick off.

"From 19:00 of November 6 until 7:00 of November 8, in the city centre (Piazza di Spagna, Via del Babbuino, Via del Corso, Piazza del Popolo), near the stadium and in Piazzale delle Canestre it will be forbidden to consume alcohol of any kind, it will not be permitted to walk with alcoholic beverages or use glass containers and cans;

"The centre of Rome contains many UNESCO heritage sites, so mass gatherings are not allowed.

"The whole area will be restricted by access gates supervised by Police who will act upon any problematic occurrences.

"Fan marches to the stadium are not permitted.

"Fans must take their passport or ID (if includes a picture of the holder) with them for access to the stadium, no other form will be accepted, and photocopies will not be accepted.

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"Fans will be searched both at stadium as well as at the meeting point.

"No bags of any kind are allowed within the stadium, fans will be allowed to take in wallet, passport, phone and keys only, and there is no drop off for bags.

"On arrival at the turnstiles fans will be required to present their ticket into the turnstile reader, this will display the name and date of birth of the person who purchased the ticket, this must match the details on the passport.

"If the details do not match, the access will not be granted.

"Celtic fans will occupy sections 18, 19, 20 & 21 behind the goal, this has a centre walkway which must be kept clear at all times for emergency access.

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"Banners will be checked on arrival and must be Celtic only, no banners or flags with any political sentiment or mention of any other football team or organisation will be permitted.

"After the match Celtic fans will be held back within the stadium, this could be for up to one hour however a decision will be taken at the time.

"On leaving the stadium there will be transport provided to take fans back to the central train station in Rome called “Termini”."