I was at the Scottish Football Hall of Fame dinner on Sunday night and it was a privilege to present Colin Stein with his award as he was rightly inducted at Hampden.

Another great Ranger, Tommy McLean, also took his place amongst some of the legends of our game, as did Joe Harper, Patsy Gallacher, Paul Sturrock and John Robertson and it was great to see the guys and hear some of their stories from their careers.

Dougie Donnelly chatted away with Steiny on the stage about his time and I know it meant a lot to him to be inducted. It is thoroughly deserved and not before time.

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Steiny was a terrific striker for Rangers and the supporters will never forget that night in Barcelona.

All we need now is for his sparring partner - we call them Jack and Victor - to take his place in the Hall of Fame and I hope that Willie Johnston gets that chance in the not too distant future.

Wee Bud had one blip in 1978 but what he did for Scotland and for the teams he played with, and especially Rangers, means he should certainly be considered.

I was inducted in 2008 and every player that is in there has a black mark from their career.

I am so disappointed that Bud is not in there yet and I hope he is recognised sooner rather than later.

He and Steiny will forever have a special bond because of Barcelona and the two of them are still great pals today. They spend a lot of time together at Ibrox and at various events with the fans.

I know it would mean a lot to Steiny if Bud was given the opportunity to join him in the Hall of Fame and when you look at what he did for Rangers and the likes of West Brom - and what he did for Scotland - then there is no doubt he deserves to be recognised.