Matt Haywood knows what he is talking about when it comes to Glasgow Clan.

The 28-year-old is the team’s longest serving player, having been at the Clan since 2010. 

He has played over 500 games for the team over the past decade and the Englishman believes that this current team is right up there with the best he has been a part of over his lengthy spell in Glasgow.

The Clan have made an impressive start to the season, racking up 15 points in their eleven games played, leaving them in second place in the EIHL, just a single point behind Sheffield Steelers with a game in hand. They also strung together a record-equalling run of eight consecutive wins and despite that streak coming to an end earlier this month, the squad is still brimming with confidence says Haywood.

“I honestly would put this team right up there," he said.

"Not just on the ice but also off it. There’s not a single guy here who I wouldn’t want to hang out with – there’s no cliques or anything, it’s a fantastic group and we all get on really well. That helps through the season.

"It’s a long, hard season and it really helps that we’re a close group – whether you’re gong through a good spell or a tough spell, you want to go in there with everyone. It doesn’t feel like a job, it feels like it’s really fun and that makes everything a helluva lot easier.

"Even the two games, we lost – we played well and scored goals and I feel like those games can go either way so things are going well. Every game we play, we’ve got a chance to win so everyone’s feeling really confident.”

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The Clan had fell to a nail-biting 2-1 defeat away to Guilford on Wednesday evening but Haywood admits that given the testing circumstances, which included a ten-hour bus journey on the Wednesday morning, grabbing a point was an acceptable outcome.

But the Clan are looking to getting back to winning ways this evening when they take on Dundee Stars at Braehead Arena. Having already fallen to defeat three times against Dundee this season, Haywood is keen to put a halt to that run.

“They’ve had our number this year, which is not ideal," he said.

"And they’ve picked us in the Challenge Cup too. So we’re looking forward to the game -  it’d be nice to send out a statement that it’s going to be a tough run of games for them against us.”

With Haywood, who is originally from Doncaster, having spent his entire adult life in Glasgow, the Scottish city feels like home. So embedded is he in Scotland, his three-year-old daughter, Charley, speaks with a Scottish accent and despite her young age, Haywood reveals she is one of the most devoted Clan fans out there. Her loyal attendance may not be to support her dad though.

“Charley’s definitely got a Scottish accent – she’s started saying things like she needs a “wee rest” so she’s definitely Scottish,” he said.

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She comes to every game – she absolutely loves it. She gets so excited. She loves the Zamboni, I think she likes seeing that better than watching me.”

The EIHL may still be in relatively early days, but already there are murmurings that the Clan have every chance of getting their hands on the trophy come the end of the season. And Haywood agrees that he sees no reason why he and his teammates won’t be at the business end of things come next spring.

“It’s definitely the aim to be up there," he said.

"This season, things are so competitive. In past seasons, teams have run away with it but I don’t think that will happen this year. Anybody can beat anybody so I feel like we’ve just got to keep chipping away and keep picking up points every week. And if we do that, I definitely think we’ll be right up there.”