SINCE I have been back working at Ibrox, it has been great to see the redevelopment that has been going on to bring the stadium back up to the standards of Rangers.

The roofs have been replaced, the stands have been refurbished, the lounges have been done up. The players have a new area for pre-match meals and there has been work going on at the Hummel Training Centre as well.

The board have spent serious money on every area of the club in recent years and that investment was needed to bring Rangers back up to scratch as quickly as possible.

The largest sums have been spent on the playing squad. Some players have had to be paid off, while Steven Gerrard has been backed in all three transfer windows to really strengthen the group he inherited.

What Rangers had when Steven was appointed wasn’t good enough and you can see his impact both on and off the park right now.

That all takes money and Dave King and his fellow investors have stood up to be counted when Rangers needed them most.

I never thought we would see £7million spent on a player again but the board backed the manager to get Ryan Kent in and that deal was done in the summer.

The commitment from Dave, the board and the investors is certainly there and their love of the club can’t be questioned or doubted.

Fans may raise an eyebrow at the £11million loss that RIFC plc posted and they will ask some questions about the figures.

At the AGM later this month, they have a chance to put those queries to the board themselves.

But you will get very few that will have doubts over Dave King and the likes of Douglas Park and George Letham. They, like the fans, just want what is best for Rangers.