I have been on the record before with my belief that some of the banners produced by the Green Brigade don’t do the reputation of Celtic any good, but there is absolutely no way you can blame them for what happened in Rome as two Celtic fans were stabbed on Wednesday night, as was another after the game.

It was a great relief to hear that none of the injuries appear to be serious, and while it is awful what has happened to these three supporters, it is also good to hear that the majority of the trip has passed off peacefully.

There were reportedly around 9000 Celtic fans in Rome for the game, and it seems that for the vast, vast majority of them, it was a positive experience. They would have had a party I’m sure before the game and an even bigger one afterwards, but the important thing was that they came back in one piece.

As for the few isolated incidents that did occur, those are the responsibility of whoever carried them out.