NEIL LENNON was taken back to his glory days as a player as he steered his side to a historic victory over Lazio on Thursday, and he says Celtic feels like the club he knew then once again.

The victory in the Stadio Olimpico in front of a travelling army of 9000 supporters brought memories back to Lennon of European away wins during his own playing career.

And he feels that the connection between these players and the Celtic support is now as strong as it has ever been thanks to the heroics of the class of 2019.

“It’s the first time I’ve really felt, since I’ve been back, it’s Celtic again,” Lennon said.

“That sort of big night, huge crowd, connection with the fans - the whole lot. It was just like the old days really, absolutely fantastic.

“From my own personal viewpoint, [it reminded me of] those great European nights, going away with 10,000 fans and feeling such pride.

“Even when we went a goal down and were a little bit on the ropes, the atmosphere in the away end was unbelievable.

“Then the scenes at the end were just fabulous, it took me back 15 or 20 years ago - just that rawness of the support and connection with the players. It was very special.”

Lennon drew comparisons between the occasion in Rome and the achievements of the side he played in under Martin O’Neill as they stormed to the final of what was then the UEFA Cup in 2003.

“They were coming in their thousands when we filled Ewood Park and Anfield that season,” he said.

“It gives the fans a real feel for it again, that gravitas in Europe against a top side.

“Then for us to go and play as brilliantly as that, it just all felt like it was coming together again.

“It was epic.”