Football Manager 2020 is on its way and fans of both Celtic and Rangers will no doubt have their eye on their prized assets.

Odsonne Edouard and Alfredo Morelos have been at the centre of debate among fans of both clubs.

Which player is better? Who provides more for their respective side?

All too often it comes down to the obvious bias. Celtic fans reckon Edouard is better. Gers supporters back their Buffalo to the hilt.

Ex-Rangers star Charlie Adam reckons Alfredo Morelos is better than Celtic's Odsonne Edouard

But when it's all about statistics and facts, who comes out on top?

We've brought you analysis previously on both players and their comparative stats.

Legends of both clubs have also had their say. 

Again, Celtic legends Charlie Nicholas and Davie Hay opted for Edouard while Charlie Adam and Steven Thompson claimed Morelos is the better striker.

Statistically, it's extremely close in terms of goals scored, chances created and shots struck per game, on or off target.

Though it's the Rangers hitman who narrowly edges it at this moment.

Scouts at Sports Interactive - where FM20 was developed - are oftentimes spot on with their predictions regarding young players with huge potential.

It's not often they're wrong when it comes to analysing potential value, statistics and scores out of 20 for each and every aspect of a player's arsenal.

Glasgow Times: Morelos comes out on top in the average columnsMorelos comes out on top in the average columns

So how do they see the Edouard/Morelos debate?

Which player is the best? Where do the stats shine? Where do they differ?

Here's all the stats that matter when it comes to Scottish football's two big strike stars.


Odsonne Edouard just about outdoes Morelos here.

A striker's bread and butter, Edouard marks 17 out of 20 while Morelos stacks up at 16.

It's desperately close, as you'd imagine, but the Celtic man edges it.


Again, chalk one up for French Eddy.

His heading prowess sits at 14 while Morelos' is in at 10.

Both can handle netting with their heads so Alfredo might feel a tad hard done by in this category.


This is a big victory for Edouard.

Davie Hay: No contest between Celtic's Odsonne Edouard and Rangers forward Alfredo Morelos

The attacker has history finishing vital one-on-ones under pressure.

Famously he scored a brilliant winner against Rangers at Ibrox late on and he managed a winner against Hearts in last season's Scottish Cup Final.

His composure is a staggering 15 while Morelos only manages five.


Here's where the Rangers man shines.

El Buffalo has the reputation of being a tough player to shake and his 19 out of 20 is justified.

Edouard has a score of 16, so Morelos wins this one.


Who would've thought? Morelos wins this outright, too.

Known for his temperament issues, Morelos is as aggressive as they come on a football pitch.

By comparison Edouard could be considered quite timid with aggression at nine - with Morelos DOUBLING his score on 18.

Glasgow Times: Edouard has room for improvementEdouard has room for improvement

Both stars have similar stats throughout - with one or two exceptions - but they're the exact same on a handful of items.

Both have 14 for technique, 16 for workrate and 14 for pace.

Interestingly, Football Manager shuffle their players into an 'average' column for three aspects.

Technical, Mental and Physical.

And it's Morelos who averages higher than Edouard in two of the three - Mental and Physical.

Odsonne Edouard or Alfredo Morelos? Here's what the stats say

Edouard wins Technical with an average of 12 to Morelos' 11, while Mentally Alfredo lands 12 to Edouard's 10.

Physically Morelos also comes out on top with 14 to Edouard's 13, giving the Colombian a slight advantage.

Both are valued at £15million - but Edouard has room to grow and improve considering his statistics, while Morelos' stats are all seemingly maxed out.

Football Manager 2020 is out on November 19.