ROSS WILSON is confident Rangers will always be an attractive proposition for prospective recruits as he plots his Ibrox transfer strategy.

The Light Blues’ new Sporting Director will be tasked with reducing the size of the first team squad during the January window but boss Steven Gerrard isn’t planning for major business to be done at the halfway stage of the season.

Rangers have improved their strike rate in the market in recent times and Wilson knows the percentage of successful deals has to be as high as possible going forward.

Wilson said: “The attraction of this club will be strong. I spoke to some Sporting Director colleagues before accepting this job.

“One of the other things I did was to speak to some of the leading agents within my network, from the biggest, most prominent companies. I asked them about the attraction of Rangers. And what I could feel was that Rangers was a club people could identify with.

“They know the size of this club. They know the attraction of this club.

“Clearly playing on the highest European stage is going to be an attraction for any player. Clearly that has to be part of our journey at some point. But I believe this club is going to be attractive to players in the markets we are going to be looking at.

“We absolutely have to develop what that strategy looks like in terms of scouting and recruitment.

“I have only been here two or three weeks, but we have already begun those discussions and those will continue going forward. But there absolutely has to be a strategy and a clear way of working. It is something I’ve had at my other clubs and something I hope to continue to work like here. There has to be a strategy and a clear way of working as well.”

Rangers spent more than £10million on the significant deals for Ryan Kent and Filip Helander during the summer as Gerrard added further strength and depth to his squad ahead of the new campaign. And Wilson is confident Rangers will get value for money in the market moving forward.

He said: “I have described my way of working, which is very, very similar to how Rangers work already.

“I think on a case-by-case basis we will look at everything and that’s absolutely that’s the way I’ve been used to working at my previous three clubs.

“Rather than sitting working with a budget and saying we are going to spend X on this and Y on that, let’s look at everything on its merits and make a judgement call.

“We absolutely understand that part of our journey has to be to make sure that we get our scouting and recruitment right to make the team as strong as possible, to make as many assets within the squad as we possibly can that would move on when the time is right.

“We also understand that the academy will be a key part of that journey. It’s Rangers, so we want to win.

“So winning things and getting back to being used to winning things and the revenues that are associated with winning will be important to us. It’s Rangers and I don’t think that ever won’t be the case here.”