IT was just a few years ago that Lee McGregor and Kash Farooq were roommates at an amateur competition in Wales.

If someone had told the pair that it wouldn’t be long before they would be facing each other in the biggest all-Scottish clash for years, with both the Commonwealth and the British titles on the line, neither of them, say McGregor, would have believed it.

But just four years on from that Scotland v Wales match, the duo are preparing to face each other infront of a sell-out crowd at the Emirates Arena.

“It’s mad,” said McGregor of their progression.

“If someone was to say to us back then that in four years we’d be involved in Scotland’s biggest fight in over ten years, we’d have both burst out laughing. Genuinely we would.”

But while McGregor didn’t envision a fight of this scale quite so early in his career, he is relishing the hype.

“This is what you dream of as a kid, being involved in something like this,” the 22-year-old said of tonight’s fight.

“If young lads coming through from Scotland don’t thrive on that and want to be in this position then you should stop boxing because you’re in the wrong game.”

In their amateur days, Farooq was always a weight or two above McGregor and so the two never faced each other. They have shared a ring in sparring but not much can be read in to that says McGregor.

The majority of observers believe this fight is too close to call, with McGregor, the current Commonwealth title holder boasting a 7-0 unbeaten record and Farooq, the British title holder, 13-0.

Ever since he joined the pro ranks, McGregor has been touted as having star potential but his recent performances have not been as impressive as some may have expected.

McGregor’s last outing was a victory against Scott Allan but it was not an entirely comprehensive victory. It will though, insists McGregor, be a different fighter in the ring tonight.

“I think we need to remember there was a lot of animosity in the build up to that one (the Scott Allan fight) and a lot of personal insults. He maybe did get under my skin and I maybe was a bit too hyped up and tried too hard,” he said.

“People see me at my best when I am calm, composed and relaxed. That’s when I am the most dangerous fighter I can be and that’s the position I am ahead of this fight.

“He’s a good lad, Kash and I have loads of respect for him. But when that first bell goes on Saturday that respect goes out of the window.”

Earlier in the week, Allan, who has also faced Farooq, directed more than a few insults MCGregor’s way, saying he has no punching power, is arrogant and did a “scumbag move” when he refused to touch gloves with Allan.

McGregor was less than impressed with the comments, but insisted he is not worried about what Allan thinks.

“It’s crazy. He (Allan) is not even worth speaking about but it just shows you the class of the man,” said McGregor.

“He doesn’t know what I’ve been through this past year and he’ll maybe soon realise. I’d rather not even give him the attention because he’s not worth speaking about.

“Kash and I are at completely different levels from him. I hope he enjoys the fight tomorrow because that’s the closest he’s going to get to a fight at this level.”