I would offer Jonny Hayes a new contract at Celtic as a matter of urgency. He more than deserves it.

He has proven time and again to be a reliable performer when called upon, and very often that is in the big games too.

He came off the bench at Ibrox and scored, he was different class over in Rome against Lazio, and he never lets the side down.

Yes, he may be 32 now, but I think he merits at least another year. He’s proved to be such a valuable member of the squad.

People maybe thought he was an out-and-out winger when he arrived, although he played at left-back now and again for Aberdeen, but he has shown he can play anywhere down that side.

He looks at home as a left-back in a flat four, he excels as a wing-back as he showed in Rome, and he is an option playing further up as a winger too.

He’s a bundle of energy and he crosses a great ball too, so I think it’s a no-brainer to keep him around for another season.