Ex-Rangers striker Kevin Kyle has warned punters of the use of Swegways after he "almost killed his son and himself" when he fell backwards off the contraption.

The former footballer was trying out the gadget with his youngest boy, holding hands as the pair got to grips with the workings of the machine.

But it didn't take long until things went wrong and he fell off the swegway and his boy hurtled into the kitchen cupboard.

Kyle - who also played for Hearts and Kilmarnock - shared the warning and the clip which has amassed an incredible 2.7million views since it was uploaded.

The Open Goal man said: "Anyone thinking of getting a hoverboard for their kids Xmas think twice, this is where I nearly killed my youngest and myself. Enjoy!"

The video racked up more than 35,000 shares and 161,000 likes in a short space of time.

Thankfully neither Kyle nor his son were hurt and, just a short time later, the 38-year-old shared another short clip of his "trooper" boy showing him how to work the swegway properly.

He hilariously added: "Safe to say the wee man got back on his feet like a real trooper and showed his Dad how to do it".