The true best team from last year's World Cup are back in action this week - commentary team Ally McCoist and Jon Champion.

The entertaining pair were praised for their interesting and enlightening chat during games such as Sweden vs South Korea and Poland vs Senegal.

Fans from around the UK couldn't get enough of the former Rangers striker and his lead Champion as they sauntered through games with natural ease and a comfortable rapport.

Now Amazon Prime Sport have secured the dream team for their gantry as Liverpool square off against Everton in Wednesday evening's Merseyside derby.

Taking to social media to confirm, Champion wrote: "It wasn’t just a summer fling! Delighted to report that Amazon have delivered a reunion. 

"Cultural historian Ally McCoist joins me for live & exclusive coverage of the #MerseysideDerby on @primevideosport in the UK this Wed."

Punters rejoiced with the post earning more than 350 likes.

One said: "Great to have the best commentator back for a while."

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Another added: "Great news!"

One commented: "Best double act at the World Cup for me."

A fourth said: "Glad to know you will be commenting again.....really miss that quality commentary".

Some memorable Coisty lines from World Cup 2018:

On Archie Gemmell vs Holland:

McCoist: "Goal of the World Cup. Goal of any World Cup".

Champion: “I’m just going to pick you up on one thing. You are trying to tell me that in Brazil, in Germany, in every country around the world, universally, Archie Gemmill’s goal for Scotland is considered the best World Cup goal?"

McCoist: "If they’re going to be honest with themselves, yes.

"Maradona’s against England was quite good, the second one".

On Colombia:

McCoist: "I actually don’t think Colombia have been involved in a 0-0 at the World Cup".

Champion: “You know that, you don’t think it. You were telling us before the game."

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McCoist: "I know, but I’m just trying to play the game a little bit here Jon".

On Ivan The Terrible:

Champion: "This stoppage also gives us a chance to reflect on your time in Kazan, Ally. A place with a fairly turbulent history isn’t it?"

McCoist: “Unbelievable John. If you put me in a corner and nailed me, it’s probably my favourite place in the trip so far. 

"Unbelievable, and it’s come a long way since it fell to Ivan The Terrible in 1552".