Liverpool hero Jamie Carragher reckons Brendan Rodgers would be worthy of being branded a manager who "jumps ship early" if he leaves Leicester City for Arsenal.

The former defender weighed in on the discussion after Rodgers was listed as a frontrunner for the Gunners job following Unai Emery's sacking last week.

Rodgers departed Celtic in the middle of the season last term and received criticism from fans who blasted the decision to skip out as they chased a historic treble Treble.

But the prospect of the Northern Irishman doing so again to his current club would be a mistake, according to Carra.

The Englishman, 41, has urged his former manager to stick with The Foxes despite understanding that Rodgers will fancy a crack at one of the country's biggest and best.

And he suggested that Celtic supporters were "harsh" on Rodgers when they slaughtered his decision to move on.

"I think the position Brendan Rodgers is in, there's no doubt whether you're a player or a manager, you want to get right to the top," Carragher said on Sky Sports.

"At the moment Leicester City are second in the table, they won the Premier League a few years ago but we'd be lying if we said they're one of the top teams in the country, they're not.

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"I don't think it's right if Brendan Rodgers is even thinking about moving to Arsenal right now.

"Whether it was right or wrong, he got a lot of criticism from Celtic supporters for moving on before he finished the season.

"And it was a tough decision for him because this was a job everyone wanted.

"Managers who couldn't get the real top six jobs, Leicester was the job everyone wanted with the players they have and the infrastructure.

"He got it, took that decision and accepted he was going to take a bit of stick from Celtic fans."

Carragher added: "If he moved now he'd get that tag of jumping ship very quickly from places.

"He probably would deserve it if he did that right now at Leicester, though I think it was a bit harsh what happened at Celtic.

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"He's got to look at the next 18 months and think he's going to do something at Leicester.

"Maybe after those 18 months if a Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester City, I don't know.

"But he will, at one stage, want to go to one of those real big six clubs in this country, it's just a fact."