THE goal that Celtic scored on Sunday shouldn’t have stood. It is that simple.

Christopher Jullien was offside and unfortunately the referee and the linesman didn’t spot it and didn’t give it.

Celtic won the Betfred Cup and there is nothing that Rangers can do about it now.

It has sparked a debate on VAR in Scottish football but, given the finances involved, I just don’t see a time when it will be implemented here.

You can’t just do it for Old Firm games or finals, it has to be in place for everybody.

The system in England is far from perfect. Rather than the referee going to look at a monitor at the side of the park, it is an official hundreds of miles away in a TV studio that is making the decisions.

They are spending a couple of minutes on it anyway, so I don’t get why the referee isn’t able to go and make the call for himself because he is the one that should be giving penalties or giving goals.

The majority of the time, VAR is great. But there are mistakes and it does still need work.

It would have helped on Sunday, for sure. That goal would not have stood if VAR was available at Hampden.

It is sad when you lose a game to a goal that was offside and it sticks in the throat.