ALFREDO MORELOS is not perfect, I admit. But then show me a person that is. You can’t.

So many people think they know Alfredo and know what makes him tick. They judge him as a player but they don’t know him as a man.

I go up to the Hummel Training Centre to watch the sessions every so often and you see Alfredo messing about with the lads. But he does keep himself to himself at times and he goes in and trains hard and gets his work done.

After the Old Firm game on Sunday, he flew home to Colombia and hosted a charity match for his Foundation. He wants to give the kids there a chance to do what he has done and make a career and a living for themselves in football.

He is giving them strips and boots and balls to get them involved in the game. But he is also raising money to help those that are struggling because he knows how hard life is and can be for them.

That is the kind of man that Alfredo Morelos is and he deserves so much praise and credit for the work that he is doing back home. It is great to see and a far cry from the character some people would make you believe he is.

He has had to learn big time in Scotland and he has had his problems at times but he is not the monster that some would make him out to be.

He is a kind-hearted man that wants to help kids in Colombia and that wants to do well for Rangers. Our fans rightly love him for that.

Opposition supporters want to knock him any time they can and do you know why? Because he is a threat.

If he wasn’t a terrific striker and a threat to their side, nobody would bother their shirt about Alfredo Morelos.

The best way for him to silence them is to keep doing what he does best. You stick the ball in the net and give them a wee smile.

There is nothing opposition fans and players hate more than Morelos scoring against them and there will be plenty more to come from him in the second half of the season.

At times, he should just count to ten and take a deep breath, although that is easier said than done when you have players winding you up and fans on your back.

The spotlight has been on Alfredo since the Old Firm on Sunday because he was sent off and for the gesture that he made on his way off the park.

But, as usual, his performance has been overlooked and those that line up to criticise him are too willing to put the boot in rather than praise him for what was another impressive showing in a big game.

He was the one man up front that occupied two centre-backs – Christopher Jullien and Kris Ajer – and what a shift he put in. He worked his socks off for the team and was getting fouled all the time.

Jullien had three or four before Kevin Clancy even spoke to him. I am reluctant to say that referees pick on him as such, but Alfredo does get a raw deal from them at times without a doubt.

He does get a hard time of it and the referee was quick enough to get his cards out. It wasn’t a bad tackle on Scott Brown and the second one he has gone down, he will have been absolutely shattered after putting in such a shift, and he has tried to win the penalty and got the yellow card.

Unfortunately, he will now miss the games with St Mirren and Hearts as well as the Scottish Cup tie against Stranraer after the break. He will be a loss, of course, but Rangers should be able to cope with Jermain Defoe coming into the side.

And Alfredo will then be fresh and raring to go for when he does return to action as he looks to add to the 28 goals he has hit in a really impressive first half of the season.

You hear all the usual stuff about how he still hasn’t scored against Celtic after the game, but he played a huge part in helping Rangers to beat Celtic and that was the most important thing for Steven Gerrard and the supporters. If Alfredo doesn’t score but Rangers win games, we will take that every time.

On a personal level, of course he wants to score and he wants to be the hero. But he will be more pleased that Rangers won rather than disappointed that he didn’t find the net.

It is said that teams won’t be interested in him because he hasn’t scored in the Old Firm but that is nonsense. His goals in the Europa League will have made managers sit up and take notice and if he does get his move they will have played a huge part in making that happen.

That is for the summer, though. His only focus now is on giving the Rangers fans even more reasons to love him by scoring the goals that hopefully win us the title.


THE officiating in Rangers’ matches has been poor for the last four or five games and the club highlighted a number of decisions that have gone against Steven Gerrard’s side in their statement. They were right to point them out.

We had the situation a few weeks ago where John Beaton apologised to the manager for not giving a penalty at Aberdeen. But we dropped two points that night, so what use was an apology? You need the officials to get the big calls right. That is all you ask.

In the Betfred Cup final, there were three Celtic players offside before Jullien scored and then on Sunday the officials missed the handball from Odsonne Edouard.

These are really poor decisions that have gone against Rangers and thankfully it didn’t cost us on Sunday because they thoroughly deserved to win the game. What a way it was to end the year and hopefully it is a sign of things to come in the second half of the season.