Broxburn goalkeeper Connor Wallace had planned to swap jerseys with St Mirren's Vaclav Hladky as soon as the Scottish Cup fourth round draw was made.

What he would not have expected was that the Czech stopper would say no.

Wallace has confidence that Rangers and Qarabag target Hladky will go on to bigger and better things and was desperate for a souvenir to mark the occasion. However, according to the Saints stopper, the Premiership club don't have enough kit to give away.

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"I was actually kind of hoping to get St Mirren goalkeeper's jersey but he's saying it's not happening," Wallace said at full-time. "He just said he doesn't think I could get his top. 

"I was pretty gutted. It wasn't a straight-forward no, he just said he doesn't think they've got enough kit to be throwing away jerseys. I did ask, I had planned weeks ago because he's very, very good.

"He'll probably go on to bigger things so when he's away further on, hopefully, it would've been a nice wee memento. I'd trade him my jersey!"

The shirt worn by Broxburn's players on the day had a special inscription embroidered on the front to celebrate the day the non-league club made it to the fourth round of the Scottish Cup. The fact that the printers incorrectly stitched February 18, 2020 seemed to sum up the day that ended in a 3-0 defeat in Paisley despite Wallace's heroics.

Glasgow Times: Hladky kept a clean sheet against BroxburnHladky kept a clean sheet against Broxburn

And while Wallace may not have walked away with Hladky's jersey as a keepsake, he did manage to spend a few quid on his own mud-stained shirt. He's not even sure if he'll wash it.

"We knew a good few weeks ago we were getting the jerseys," he added. "But they've printed the wrong date on it which is ridiculous. I've never seen that before. They're selling them to us so we're getting to buy a jersey with the wrong date on it.

"The club thought they'd do it just for a special occasion and then said if we want them as a memento we can buy them. I'll be taking mine. I think it'll cost around £40, and I don't know if I'll wash it."