Virgil van Dijk has always known he was destined for big things.

As former St Johnstone striker Graham Cummins can attest. The Irishman has revealed that van Dijk, even during his time at Celtic, was full of confidence and was not afraid to show it on the pitch.

During a clash between Saints and Celts, Cummins was up against the Dutchman who would go on to star for Southampton and win the Champions League at Liverpool.

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And the Waterford ace recalled the big-time line he was fed by van Dijk who hadn't even hit his stride. "We were told in the dressing room, stop him rather than him stopping you," Cummins told the Irish Examiner.

"Get behind the ball when he gets it because he'll run the pitch, no bother. The first ball I tried to sprint with him and he just boshed me out of it. I was out my breath and blowing out my backside.

"He just turned to me and said, 'I wouldn't even bother, I'm just too good.' He left the day after we played against them," Cummins joked. 

"That’s my claim to fame, that’s what pushed the Southampton deal over the line - that he marked me."