Scottish football is beautiful in its own unique way.

From its self-deprecating fanbase to classic moments on and off the pitch, our game has plenty going for it.

One aspect in our wonderful world of the brilliant to the bizarre is social media's love for it all and fans' ability to poke fun at their game. But it's not just supporters, of course.

Sometimes, in the most perfect circumstances, a club or player will get in on the act and have a laugh at their own expense. Here is a list of 10 wacky yet wonderful moments we remember from Scottish football in recent times.

10. Connor Sammon's pizza-gate

9. Craig Samson's near miss

8. Gavin Gunning has had enough

7. Willo, won't-o

6. Neil Lennon: A story in two parts

Neil Lennon and assistant Garry Parker should still be in the Hibs job, right? If they didn't resign, nor were they sacked... what happened exactly? Just another example of the madcap world of Scottish football.

Glasgow Times:

5. Danny Lennon: A comeback tale

4. Efe Ambrose is the gift that keeps on giving

Celtic, Hibs and now Livingston. The clubs in Scotland that Efe Ambrose has joined - to the delight of footie fans across the country... even if just for the meme potential.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

3. Cumdog vs Grado

2. Griffiths' flat earth conundrum

1. Rod Stewart absolutely melted