THE women’s World Cup last summer made Megan Rapinoe a household name.

And as the game in Scotland sees the introduction of a move towards a professional set-up with Celtic and Rangers about the embark on their inaugural full-time season, USA internationalist Sarah Teegarden believes that visibility is the key to influencing the continual growth of the game.

Glasgow Times:

Both sides have introduced a number of international players as they seek to challenge Glasgow City’s domestic monopoly on the game.

Teegarden has spent her career playing professionally with time spent in the States, in Sweden and, more recently, in France with Lille, and she has insisted that coming to Glasgow feels like the beginning of a new chapter.

“We know there will be a challenge but this feels like the start of something,” said Teegarden. “In every beginning there is a lot to do and a lot to learn. There is a long road ahead but it feels exciting.

“Visible is the word. That is why there are now great female footballers coming out of the US right now. We have players like Megan Rapinoe that so many kids look up to now and that is because there has been a platform where you can see these players. That is so important.

“Celtic going professional can only help the Scottish game and as well as encouraging more girls into the sport and providing a pathway into full-time football there is also the big thing of really kicking the national team on too.

Glasgow Times:

“I am so excited. For me it doesn’t feel new because I have played professionally but I also think that is why it is so exciting – I know how big this team can become and where we can go. It is not just potential now. We can really grow and kick on now and it feels like we have the full support of the club.

“I have played in Sweden, America and France. I have seen a little bit of the world and been at some great clubs. Celtic are a club known throughout the world as being a prestigious club. Their is huge and now we want to make the women’s team every bit as successful as the men’s.”

The challenge now for Teegarden will be in overthrowing Glasgow City, whom Celtic play this evening as they kick-off their league campaign. And the fact that she has spent her career playing professionally has given the midfielder a different perspective of the stranglehold that the club have in women’s football.

“I haven’t played against Glasgow City and I respect them but I don’t fear them,” she said. “I think that can be important. I know they are successful and I know that they have some really good players because I have watched some of their games.

“I know Celtic beat them in a game towards the end of last season which would have been great for the girls here but I haven’t come through and experience what it is like for Glasgow to be winning everything. I can look at it differently than what some of the other players might and I think that can be helpful when you don’t have the same baggage.

“I am not intimidated by their reputation.

The partner of Dundee United’s Ian Harkes, Teegarden was keen on moving to Scotland in order that the duo could put down some roots as they combine careers away from their native country.

“I had some other clubs interested but I wanted to come to Scotland. When I heard from Celtic I was super excited. They were the first to come to me and offer me something and it I was so excited.”