Steve Clarke believes Scotland deals with sectarianism by "sweeping it under the carpet".

The former Kilmarnock manager was subjected to vile abuse during his time at Rugby Park when he was branded a "fenian b******" by Rangers fans during a clash between the two sides back in 2019.

Fast-forward to just over a full year later and the current Scotland manager isn't sure anything has improved since that tense evening in Ayrshire.

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Asked if anything has changed on the sectarianism front, Clarke told the Guardian: "I don’t think it has.

"I had been so far out of it and came back – for me it was very clear. I always put it on the line as the racism one: if you call someone a black b******, that’s not good; if you call them a fenian b****** or an orange b******, that’s all right. What’s the difference? It exists in society but it manifests itself in football grounds. I don’t understand it.

"There was obviously an amount of frustration on the night … It’s pretty normal that you get an outburst then everything just quietens down, people sweep it under the carpet and it goes away again. That is how they deal with sectarianism here in Scotland."